First blog post


Well I am not sure if anyone will ever read any of this but it at least will give me something to do. I guess I will start by introducing myself then see where it goes from there.

So, my name is Jaimee and I recently turned 22 🙂 yay! I married the most amazing man November 2015 before he went into the service, active duty. I graduated from college this past May and received a Bachelor’s degree in Ocean Studies & Marine Affairs. After I graduated (literally the day after graduation) my husband Josh and I drove almost 18 hours from Massachusetts down to our home in Georgia. I was planning on getting a full time job to keep me busy but due to a persistent husband who really wanted a dog, we ended up adopting (though now I see it more as saving) the most amazing and adorable puppy, Luna. I am completly obsessed with her and honestly love spending my days with her. Shes the sweetest girl and loves cuddling with us and giving lots of kisses.

Because Luna is such an important part of my life, be prepared to read about her a lot here. For example, today she had her follow up vets appointment; last month we found out the poor thing has mites, round worms, and hook worms. So she was put on some medicine that we have to still give her and she got one of the vaccines she needed. Today we found out she has tapeworms too. Other than that shes a healthy girl and surprisingly did well getting her rabies vaccine, another vaccine, and microchip. (She barely noticed the microchip!) Also today I put her tags on her collar, that says her microchip number and that shes had her rabies vaccine, and the poor thing has been so confused on why there’s a jingle beneath her chin and tried eating the tags. Oh silly girl. By the way here’s what she looks like, my cutie patootie! =D

 Josh and Luna, the first day we got her    –      Someone’s sleepy!
Josh and Luna cuddling while he plays video games – Luna with her favorite toy, dragon!
I’m not sure how to end one of these things, or like I said if anyone will ever read this. So I guess if there is anything someone wants to know or suggestions on what to talk about, just to comment and I will do my best.
♥ Jaimee ♥

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