Ceramics of the Past

Hello! While in school, I was fortunate enough to be able to take two ceramics classes. The first class Ceramics 1, was more towards functional pieces such as bowls and cups, never did much artistically but still fun. The second class I took, Expressions in Clay, was more of a sculptural class where it really helped me to have taken ceramics 1 to get the basics down so I could work a little easier making my pieces as best as I could. I have a shipment of clay and some tools on its way to the apartment as we speak and I am excited to hopefully get back into making sculptures again. I wanted to post some of my previous work and hopefully gain inspiration for whatever I create next. 🙂


This was my first project, four tiles that when put together like this, create a larger image. I underestimated how intense making the roses would be. Also weirded out by the border which was supposed to be blue but when it cam out of the kiln it was purple. Oh well, looks good either way.

Octopus I recreated from a video of a miniature octopus from YouTube. Here’s the links to the two part videos: Part 1 Part 2

Everyone called her the Sexy Witch because apparently I made her boobs really big? I don’t know but sadly while being bisque fired in the kiln, a different person’s piece exploded (this happens if the clay isn’t fully air dried or has air bubbles in the clay) and broke her. I was only half heartbroken, she wasn’t for a class project but I put in about 3 hours of work to make her. Oh well!

This is my head project. We blew up a balloon and draped clay around it to create a fully hollow head. I modeled mine after the evil queen from Snow White after she turns into the old woman/witch.

The last project of the semester was a realistic plate of food. I decided to make a plate that was featured on the NBC show Hannibal. (Totally a fannible). Here is herb crusted pork loin with Cumberland sauce underneath. It is served with roasted green beans, mushrooms, and Gorgonzola cheese as well as a side of caramalized apples and some caramel bits. I also added the photo of the plate that was featured in the show, looks a lot better than mine but we can’t always be perfect Hannibal! (Oh and of course because its Hanni, he used human where I kept it cannibal free and used pork haha)

Hope you like what I’ve made and I will be sure to post whatever I create next!


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