My Favorite Things

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things.




My favorite color is blue and the fact my engagement ring has a sapphire in it is even better. (The husband did good haha) I like a lot of different shades of blue but I think the royal blue color in sapphires are the prettiest!


Light_Medium_PInk_Peonies_Vase.JPG iris-1117647_960_720.jpg

I love all flowers however I have two that stand out the most. The first is the peony and the second the Iris. I love the soft look of the peony and the vibrant color and unique look of the Iris.


One of my favorite things to do when I feel bored is to watch polymer clay videos from the Sugar Charm Shop on YouTube. The food tutorials are my favorite, she makes super realistic food that is tiny, but she also has so many more videos that are amazing. Definitely check out her videos!

Super Cool!

So I was on facebook earlier and saw this cool video of the Peacock Spider. So I looked it up more on YouTube and found the best video of this spider. Definitly watch this video with sound, you will not be disappointed!

Mantis Shrimp

So this photo is a little long but definitely worth reading. If you cannot see the words clearly in the photo, I have also attached the link from the original website on



[Photo credit to ]

I’m sure there is more that I could write about, but Luna is itching to go outside. Till next time! ♥




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