Back to School!

Well everyone, sadly it is now August and the summer is practically over (when it comes to the school year, not weather wise. Especially here in the Georgia heat!) If you can get away from your jobs to snag one more long weekend at the beach, now is the time to do it. Here where I am, the county public schools started yesterday! To me this seems so early as I used to start school after Labor Day. While preparing to head back to school, I happened to find these free organization printables. (Thank you Pinterest!)

On a slightly side note, when back to school shopping at places such as Walmart that have crazy awesome deals on school supplies, this is a great time to stock up on cheap but good pens, pencils, erasers, USB thumb drives, and I even got the desk and chair from my last post on sale. With such great deals, be warned that weekends are not the time to be shopping! Yeah I know it’s better for you because you have the weekend off, but so doesn’t everyone else! Josh and I went to Walmart on Saturday and thought we were going to get trampled because of all the last minute shoppers. so my first piece of advice:


Please, please, please…plan ahead. If you or your kids start school in a week, don’t wait for the night before it starts to realize you forgot to get a backpack and some crayons. (Everyone of all ages needs crayons.) The night before is reserved for realizing your kid forgot to do their summer reading and speed reading through the entire book haha.

For those starting out their college years or those who are returning to college I offer this piece of advice:


Ok so this should be a no brainer but seriously, some people are stupid and rude. Last year, the suite above us would walk around with “lead feet” (you know the people who stomp around all the time), and bounce their basketball. Please for the love of whatever you believe,  have consideration for your neighbors. Those people below you can hear every time you drop something or are running around, and next door? Yes you bet they can hear you having private time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. As someone who has had annoying and continues to have annoying neighbors (particularly those living upstairs) please be kind.

My next piece of advice to all ages is:


Whether you like to do something artsy, or you enjoy singing in a choir, or you are more of a sports person; find your passion and make time among hanging with friends and certainly after homework and class time, to do what you love. Trust me, you need something you enjoy doing to keep you focused on where you need to go in your education. Schooling gets tough, for me in college, it can feel like you hit a wall and not sure if you want to keep going with school. But if you have a way to do what you enjoy, it’ll be easier to stay focused and on your way to graduation day.

My last piece of advice (before I share with you the super cool printables) is:


Similarly to the neighbors, this is a no brainer. Be respectful and kind to those with the power. Everyone is important and everyone has meaning; from the President of the University of College down to Housekeeping, Janitors, and cafeteria workers. Everyone has a role and is an important part of the school institution. From personal experience at UNE, those who work at the school have so many different backgrounds and stories. Sit with them at dinner or say hi as you are passing by. They will remember that and your kindness. The staff are the backbone of the school and if you are nice and friendly, they may even help you out if you need it. (Shout out to Todd B. who helped me when I got oil based paint all over my hands at 6pm and he came to my rescue with GoJo soap! Shout out to Security for letting me into my suite a couple times when I forgot my card and not telling Housing! And many more great deeds I cannot remember right now but forever grateful!)

Ok here it is the cool and helpful printables for organizing your life at school 🙂 Just click the link below that will lead you to another blog where the prints are located, free!

As We Stumble Along Blog – College Printables

Well I hope this post was helpful to at least one person out there. Feel free to share this post with anyone you know who may need a little guidance and organization before the upcoming school year.

Thanks for reading!  ♥ Jaimee ♥



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