Catching Up

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while (a month actually) since my last post but I’ve been pretty busy. It all started when my cutie Luna went in to the vets to get spayed. Poor thing. I’m guessing she was freezing in that place because she came home shivering. (She is absolutely  a southern dog!)  She was too funny when I put the cone on her. She stood there sulking, not moving looking at me. When she would move, it was backwards. Eventually she got the hang of it but was miserable with it on. Thankfully I was home most of the time so she didn’t need to have it on. But in all honesty I did feel bad for my little girl. I even put some blankets and pillows on the floor by our couch so she could lay down with me and not split herself open by jumping up onto the couch. I think she appreciated it. 🙂

Luna resting after her Spaying surgery.

Also, we will be home around November to Maine and Massachusetts. It’ll be nice to get back, not looking forward to the cold though. I can’t wait to get a cute little jacket for Luna though because yes we thought it was a great idea to bring our dog on a 16 hour drive to a cold she’s never known before. Yeah we are crazy, but crazy in love that we don’t want to leave her for about 2 weeks. (Yeah it was sappy because I could write it haha).

Let’s see what else has happened (in order of course)…oh I started my new job…it won’t last long haha. Is it horrible? No. Is it a soul ducking job? Yes. I’m still applying in hopes to find something better. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Ooo, Luna was a bad girl recently and chewed through not only Josh’s laptop cord (like she chewed completely through it) but also chewed completely through one of our lamps’ cord… -_- Thankfully neither was plugged in at the time the chewing happened, and she didn’t chew through the Internet wires, but it’s a pain to try to tape them back together. But then you look at this face…


and how can you stay mad at that? (Big thanks to Meme for the adorable flower for her collar!)

Second to last, two weekends ago Josh’s best friend James came to visit. We got to go to Tybee Island and hang out on the beach before going to The Crab Shack. Here is a picture of all three of us at The Crab Shack as well as our huge platter of seafood. It was so tasty!

James, myself, and Josh.

The last big news is….we are going to be moving! Yay! No, not out of state, despite Josh’s secret desire, but to a different part of town. We haven’t selected a place yet as we recently decided to move but after I pass in the paperwork tomorrow, we will officially have 30 days till we move out. As I write this the upstairs neighbors are banging around and their kids stomping away. So annoying! Wherever we go, we know we want a single family home with a fenced in backyard for Luna. It’ll be nice not to have aggravating  neighbors as well as more space and saving money to boot. Of course I will be posting pictures of the new abode once a lease is signed and then begins the mass packing and cleaning. It’s like college move out and move in day all over again…but with more stuff and a dog this time haha. It will definitely  be worth it though.

And I think I have exhausted this post, sorry if it was sort of long. 643 words is nothing compared to 7 page papers, single spaced. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!

♡ Jaimee ♡


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