New Home & Hurricane Matthew


Hey everyone, wanted to wait till after we moved in and got settled to announce that we have finally settled into the new house! We are beyond thrilled and even Luna is excited for this new place. She now has a big backyard to run around in and two new dog friends who live behind us, along with their very nice owners. It is so nice not having people thumping around above us or loud music next to us, and really nice that we don’t have to think about a bunch of people parking on the street which is annoying and makes a place seem crowded. On a good note too when checking out of our apartment, we were only charged for not cleaning the trash cans (we were rushed to finish cleaning before the hurricane). What really saved us was taking the time to shine the floors. They said we needed to make sure the laminate floors were shiny and wanted us to either search for a machine to strip and wax the floors or pay them $175 to have them strip and wax the floors for us. I said, no way! I googled some things online and found…Quick Shine multi-surface Floor Finish.


This floor finish was awesome! Okay so it wasn’t as shiny and nice as it would have been if it was stripped and waxed but it definitely filled in some of the scratches from normal use and added some nice shine. If you use this, it does have a gross kind of smell,  so make sure to have some windows open and a fan going to get the smell out and dry the floors quickly. We used a sponge cloth to wipe the finish around and it worked well for us. One coat looks good but I’d recommend at least a second coat, if anything to make sure that there are no spots that you missed before. Make sure the floor is completely clean though as the finish traps dirt and hair in it…yeah a piece of Luna will always remain there in that apartment.

It’s now been a week since we moved in and we absolutely love it. It’s nice to not have to pull out an ID to head home after work. That reminds me, I have a new job! I now work as a Supervisor at a local outlet store. It’s new and a challenge however I am determined to learn as much as I can and do as good of a job as I can.

So as most people have heard by now, Hurricane Matthew has ripped through Haiti, with nearly 900 people dead and majority of the island completely destroyed (Source: BBC), and along Florida and up towards Georgia and the Carolina’s. Well if I am writing and posting this, then we obviously did not get blown away and still have power, which is more than I can say for those living on Post who have been without power for about 12 hours. Thankfully the house only endured tree branches, acorns, and a few shingles that have been peeled back (which is no major loss as the roof is scheduled to be replaced at some point this week). This morning I just left the sliding door open and Luna was outside for almost a whole hour before I called her inside and she tired herself out, too much excitement I guess! She’s probably so tired because she decided to start cleaning up the yard and pulling branches around. So cute!

Sorry for the poor quality of photos, I had to take the photos before she put the branches down. And she found the ball that was left in the yard and decided to lay down and chew on it.14627944_10208993675070464_1836759942_n

Well that’s all for now, I hope to be posting next weekend 🙂 Have a nice day and stay safe out there!

♥ Jaimee ♥




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