I can’t keep quiet anymore!

Hey everyone, Josh and I have been keeping this pretty much a secret until now. We wanted to wait till it was the right time, and there’s no time like the present right? It’s official, we bought a house!! (Psh and you got scared because you thought it was a baby) We wanted to wait till we closed on the house we are currently living in to officially announce it. Yeah some of you knew already, but only a slim few, but now the rest of you know too. Yay! Time to start breaking out the sledge hammers and paint brushes! OK so just kidding with the sledge hammers haha. We do plan on updating the kitchen and painting the walls to something other than the weird brown-beige that it is now. It feels so good to be able to call this our home. ♡

And of course I will be posting before and after photos of the updates we do to the house. If there are any suggestions or recommendations don’t hesitate to tell me, I’m all ears and open to suggestions!


Here it is, our house! I just took this picture yesterday after coming home from work. Please note my cute wreath I made for fall in the window. I cant remember if I posted it before but I have a close up here.


Well that’s all I really have for today. I’m off to look for some more curtains! (we have more windows now!) Hope you have a great day everyone!




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