Halloween Story

Hey everyone! I’ve had this story for a while now and was going to post this before Halloween but completly spaced on it so this is a little late but oh well. For those who don’t know, I used to work as a housekeeper at a hotel in Maine near my school and while there I would often find myself completing tasks alone, including moping the whole gym by myself. It was during this experience that I came up with this story. It is completely fictional (there are rumors that the hotel may be haunted but certainly nothing like the story) and this is the first time anyone other than me has seen it. Hope you like it!            ♥ Jaimee ♥

      She began to sweep the gym floor as she was instructed to do so by her boss. She walked to the far side of the gym with the broom in one hand and iPod in the other. After sweeping she had to mop and because she really didn’t want to do anything else, she was taking her time. As she got closer to the stage she noticed that there were three storage sections underneath. She stared at them as she approached thinking how strange it was, that in the three months she had been working here, she never noticed the storage areas. She leaned the broom against the stage and took a closer look at one of the sections. As she did, she dropped her headphone cord under her shirt and connected it to her iPod.

      The storage section was plain wood, stained to match the rest of the stage, with a finger sized hole in the top. The finger hole, which was the only way to open the door, had small little scratch marks around the edges. Not thinking anything about it she stuck her finger in and pulled to open the door. It was locked and only budged a centimeter. Disappointed, she returned to sweeping and turned up the volume on her iPod. She finished sweeping that half of the gym and put the broom away. She got out the mop and bucket and rolled it over to the stage. As she lifted the mop out of the water, watching it drip down slowly, she heard scratching noises on wood. She pulled her headphones out of her ears and listened to see where the noise was coming from. She looked around but didn’t see anything so she shrugged and plopped the mop onto the floor. She began sweeping the mop over the floor when she heard the noise again. She stopped to listen and thought it was coming from the storage areas. She looked over at them and didn’t see anything which makes sense because it was locked so obviously nothing should be underneath the stage. She got closer to it and tried to look into one of the holes. It was too dark to see anything inside so she warily stepped away, nervous about that noise and if she had really heard it coming from there. She took a big breath, thinking that all this was just nonsense and there could be nothing under the stage.

      She stuck the mop back in the soapy bucket and swirled it around. She heard more scratching and all of a sudden a loud bang coming from the stage. It made her jump and she then knocked over the bucket of water. She cursed for jumping and thinking of how shitty it was going to be to have to try to pick up all that water. That was just a fleeting thought as she  remembered that she just heard a loud bang from under the stage. What could be under there? The door had been locked when she tried it. She turned slowly to look at the stage and saw that one of the doors had opened slightly.

      She knew it was wrong, she had seen too many horror stories to know this could end poorly, but she couldn’t help it. She slowly approached the ajar door and as she did, the door burst open and out crawled this creature. It had the form of a human but one that had returned to the wild and was now rabid. She stared wide eyed in horror as it began charging towards her. She froze for a second before something in her snapped and she turned as fast as possible and began to run. She didn’t turn fast enough however and was quickly tackled to the floor, her jaw smacking the floor. The creature started clawing at her and dragging her closer to the door it sprung out of. She tried turning over to claw at it but it’s grip was surprisingly strong despite it’s feral appearance. She then turned her attention to the floor and frantically tried to claw at the floor to break free from this thing. The soapy water she had spilled made this useless. It quickly dragged her under the stage and the door shut.

      The boss walked into the gym calling out to her. When she didn’t answer, the boss walked across the gym where she saw the mop bucket tipped over. She quickly glanced over at the door where her employee had been dragged into before looking away. She picked up the mop and bucket and made quick work soaking up the water that had spilled. She wheeled it over to the closet where it was kept. Before leaving the gym, she looked back towards the stage. When the creature growled, she jumped and quickly turned the lights off and closing and locking the doors behind her.


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