Almost Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone! Can you believe how fast this year is flying by?? It’s almost Thanksgiving! Josh and I are getting ready and getting excited to head back home to see family and friends and also for everyone up north to meet my cute little girl. She will be sporting this awesome new jacket I got her recently (if you have seen my Facebook then you know this picture but I’m going to place it here as well.)

So Luna wasn’t thrilled at first about it but she’s grown to enjoy the warmth it gives her (it’s lined with fleece on the inside.) I knew I couldn’t pass up the adorable leather jacket saying Bad to the Bone…come was practically begging for keeping to get it. now we just need one of those side cars for the motorcycle and she will really be our biker baby haha! (

Oh I also got some cute photos of her the other day too. One is when she decided to wiggle herself on top of Josh’s lap while he was playing video games and the other is when she was trying to get treats out of her Kong toy.

Also as a first (mainly out of motivation and not wanting to pay to ship things) we are officially done buying Christmas presents for other people! Ahh it’s so crazy and exciting. I am so happy to not have to worry about going out when all the crazy people go out to shop. We haven’t gotten eachother our presents yet but will do that soon; I’m planning on doing it this week so I can wrap it and hide it where a snoop won’t find it. Just have to finish wrapping, still hsve to go get some more wrapping paper, and it’ll be all set to make the trip with us :). I feel like I have this small portion of adulting tackled and hope to accomplish the same feat again next year. Next on our list when we return is to get a Christmas tree and decorate for the holidays!

Oh before I forget, the initial reason I wanted to post this was to share with you a dish I made the other day, shrimp and grits.

I was skeptical of grits, it always seemed kinda weird and some people seem to hate on it, but I really enjoyed this dish. The lemon, butter, and herbs with the shrimp and mixed into the grits with a good amount of parmesan cheese made this dish heavenly. I will definitely put this recipe in the “make again” pile and hope it’s not too long before we eat int again, kinda what I said about chicken and waffles which are the best by the way! (And I think I will make chicken and waffles this week now haha!)

Ah another thing I wanted to talk about was the Netflix series The Crown.


I am more of a fan of shows such as Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries however this show has really gotten my attention. It’s the history of the rise of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The show starts off with her wedding to Phillip and shows the personal life and her struggle at being thrown into the role of Queen without much “training”. I find the show captivating and fascinating, even if the British acent is a little difficult to understand sometimes. If you get the chance, definitly check out this show.

Well that’s all I have for now. Hope you all have a great day! Jaimee


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