Christmas Time, Is Near…

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I have written last. Lots to talk about! First, you might remember that we were all excited to go on our trip up north for Thanksgiving. We had a blast in Maine, despite both of us getting sick and I personally spent the whole vacation sick, but it was fun no matter. It was wonderful to see our family and friends, including seeing some of my UNE people (sorry again Jacquie that we missed you!) Luna thoroughly enjoyed the trip, although she was getting stir crazy in the car ride down. See she loves being with Josh so much she was mad when he was driving and she wasn’t allowed to go see him and sit on his lap. These photos were taken while sitting in traffic heading to the George Washington Bridge and into NYC. She was finally getting sleepy, we all were feeling it. And then there is a photo of Luna and Shortie coming to a momentary peace treaty so they could take a nap, on opposite ends of the couch of course.

When we got to Massachusetts, it even snowed very slightly, but because Luna was so excited to be outside, she didn’t even notice. Sadness. But Josh and I welcomed the sight of snow knowing back home in GA we won’t really see any (besides Facebook photos of northern places.) Luna was also excited to be able to look out a window that was closer to her height haha.


Thanksgiving was great, and we certainly ate too much food, but isn’t that what you do on Thanksgiving anyways? Meme and I got the chance to go out Black Friday shopping to Kohl’s where I got my adorable new purse for only $22! (Thanks again Meme and special thanks to Denise for keeping it safe at the store!) We also bopped over to Target where I got Josh two Xbox One games for roughly the price of one, it ended up being a good deal. We then took a nap and around 5 pm started on our long journey back home to GA. This time was slightly different however because we were now driving two separate vehicles, Josh needed to bring his truck from Maine down here because…

I GOT A JOB!!! I am currently two-part time jobs combined into one person at a law firm in Savannah. Although I will be happy when I can focus my attention on one job or another, I am so thankful to have gotten a wonderful job with some wonderful people. I currently even have my own office (which I will have to relinquish soon) but in the meantime, is so cool! I even got to finally have the opportunity use this awesome little tree that plugs into my computer, I have gotten so many comments on how cute it is! (Another thanks and good find Meme!)

For those who know me personally on Facebook, you now know that recently I found out that the cat I grew up with passed away. She was a stubborn old girl (almost 16 years old) and when I saw her on our vacation, I never knew how small she was compared to Luna. She looked like a dwarf cat like Tartar Sauce (AKA Grumpy Cat). We knew she was getting older, she was mellowing out by not being completely terrified of everything, and had that old person personality of “I’m old and I don’t give a crap”. What makes me the saddest is thinking of what Meme told me when she gave me the news, that she got to hold Tess and pet her for a little bit. If you knew Tess, you’d know that this is the biggest deal in the whole freaking world. Tess was not a cat you could just “pick up”. She would run away and growl and hiss before she would let you lay a hand on her without her permission. When I was there for Thanksgiving I also had the opportunity to pick her up and hold her, but it was to bring her downstairs so Luna wouldn’t pounce on her, to play of course but no other animal seems to understand Luna’s intentions. Tess’s last act in this world, was to bite the technician that was evaluating her. I say good for you Tess, it’s the grumpy old lady in her coming out and telling that lady to get away from her, to let her pass peacefully without being handled by some stranger. I grew up with the little stinker and she was the sweetest cat, even if we couldn’t cuddle her like we always wanted to. I will always remember when we first got Tess and she hid at the top of the back stairs underneath a bookcase for three days straight. Talk about traumatic experiences haha. I would sit at the top of the stairs and just talk to her, I can’t even remember what now, but I would assure her we wouldn’t hurt her and we loved her. I know she understood and I know she loved us back. And I will forever be happy knowing that Meme got to hold her and pet her before she passed away..I hope she knows she was so loved.


Because I don’t want to end this blog post on a sad note, because it’s almost Christmas and no one should ever be sad during the holidays…ladies and gentlemen, its only 9 days till Christmas! If you have any last minute shopping to do, like I do, try to either get to stores early, or good luck battling the crowds (especially if you are heading to the malls). Carpool, watch out for crazy people, and stay safe out there. I plan on posting something on actual Christmas so keep your eyes open for it, but don’t wait around for it, you should be spending the time with family and friends. Oh and here are some of our Christmas decorations around the house, including the Christmas Wreath (which doesn’t match any other decorations at all but oh well). I hung this baby up as soon as we got home from our trip, like literally as soon as I got home; put Luna outside then got the wreath and changed them out. I will be making another one for just “winter” themed and then of course something special for Valentines Day! Thinking about taking orders just because I have so much fun making them haha!


Well I have rambled on for about long enough. Stay safe and remember what’s truly important this holiday season, those we love.




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